The First Agreement


Some women in the church met on the morning of February 24 to unpack the beginning of Don Miguel Ruiz’s book, The Four Agreements.  Through this Lenten season, I want to share with the whole congregation what we are learning together—a brief synopsis of each agreement, because all of us, women and men alike, can benefit from such teaching.  Although the author draws upon Toltec wisdom, the spiritual knowledge contained within the book finds resonance in all of our world’s religious traditions—and most certainly with Christianity.

The first agreement is BE IMPECCABLE WITH YOUR WORD.  Impeccable means without sin.  The exhortation aims to get us to speak with integrity and say only what we mean.  Pastor Dick reminded us in church this past Sunday of Jesus’ words in Matthew 5:37—to “let your ‘Yes’ be ‘Yes’ and your ’No be ‘No’.”  Jesus well knew the way we are often so apt use words that give us loopholes and wiggle room—phrases like “I’ll try”  vs. “Yes I will.”  The first agreement also cautions against negative self talk or gossiping about others.  Instead, we can use the power of our words in the direction of truth and love.  Let’s not forget what power words have:  They can set nations to war and they can heal.  If fact, in Genesis 1, God spoke the heavens and the earth into being.  So, we are reminded what creative power our words can have and what good we can do with them.

In the coming months, I will share the essence of next three agreements with you.  In the meantime, let us pray daily for Ukraine and give where we can.  I recommend giving through our denomination here at, but you can also find other worthy agencies here at .

Grace and Peace,

Co-Pastor Sandi