About us

We are happy that you are visiting our website. The Congregational Church of the Valley is a vibrant community of faith known for our inspiring worship and service to the wider community and beyond.

Our church was founded in 1990. We are proudly affiliated with the United Church of Christ, a denomination that seeks to reflect the extravagant welcome of Jesus Christ. So we often say (and communicate in other ways), “Whoever you are and wherever you are on life’s journey, you are welcome here.” We practice God’s love at the Congregational Church of the Valley. In 2014 our church was officially designated and Open and Affirming church by The UCC Coalition. Our ONA statement reads:

We the members of the Congregational Church of the Valley, declare ourselves to be an Open and Affirming congregation. In following the teachings of Jesus, we are called upon to love each other as we are loved by God, freely and unconditionally. Our faith leads us to welcome persons of all ages, races, sexual orientation, gender identities, family structure, immigration status, social-economic background and physical or mental abilities. We embrace and affirm the dignity and worth of every human being as we walk together in our faith journey.

Although we are rather young for a church we have deep roots and a proud history, we are always forward leaning, seeking new ways to live out the Christian Gospel in our time. We are open—to one another, to new ideas (as well as ancient ones), to people of other faith traditions. We seek in every way and in every setting to grow in our faith.

Visitors are struck by the palpable energy that infuses the Congregational Church of the Valley particularly when we gather for worship on Sunday mornings. Long-standing members, as well as visitors, often describe our congregation as “joyful, energetic and has great music.”

We hope you will plan to visit us soon. It would be a particular joy to welcome you.

Our church is a house of prayer for all people. Welcome!