Thinking Ahead


Here we are in the throes of winter (well, as much as we get winter in the Valley), and already your staff and council are planning for summer!  I wanted to let you know what we are thinking at this point.  Because we had a regular group who enjoyed being together on Sundays last summer—either informally in Hayden Hall or at the Church of the Beatitudes (CoB) in Phoenix followed by exploring mid-town restaurants for lunch—we have decided to repeat this next June-September with a small twist:  During CoB’s pastoral search, Dick and I will continue serving there likely through the entire summer, but we will each take two Sundays in a row (he will come down from Estes Park and remain for a week at a time with bookending weekends so he can preach there).  During those Sundays, I will host a brunch and discussion on a variety of spiritual topics in Hayden Hall.  In other words, we will have a few consecutive Sundays in Hayden Hall with brunch potluck each month and a few consecutive Sundays worshipping at the Beatitudes on Sundays when I preach (and resume our Phoenix restaurant exploration together).  How does that sound?  As the time gets closer, we will give you a schedule of dates.  In the meantime, enjoy the nicer weather which reportedly is coming!


Co-Pastor Sandi