Ask a Friend to Church Season!


On Sunday afternoon and evening we had a wonderful time together decorating our lovely sanctuary and enjoying chilis with fixins’ as well as breads and desserts.  It was a good time of fellowship and idea sharing for the future and direction of our church.  One thing we all agreed upon was that we are truly a great place for folks to come for a sense of familial connection and welcome.  We all know we have something good here and all feel it!  The question always remains:  How do we get the word out?  Marketing and advertising are expensive, and the little we’ve tried hasn’t gotten us anywhere.  Our best bet is personally reaching out to our unchurched friends and neighbors and offering to bring them along on Sundays.  Advent is a particularly beautiful time to invite folks—especially with our now-decorated sanctuary and Larry’s upcoming Evening of Extraordinary Music on Dec. 17, as well as our Christmas Eve morning and evening services.  Whom can you tell about our church?  Who needs a sense of community, connection, and mission that we are eager to offer?  I have a feeling that there are far more in our neighborhoods than we think.  

Blessings on your Advent season!

Co-Pastor Sandi