Travel Mercies


I can hardly believe that our active season is nearly over!  Many of our seasonal members have either flown to their northerly locales or will in the coming weeks.  Looking back over the fall, winter, and early spring, I feel good about all that we have done together as we emerged from the height of the COVID era:  We enjoyed two Extraordinary Evenings of Music, celebrated a lovely Christmas Eve, ate soup and studied the Gospel of Mark on the Wednesday evenings of Lent, continued our Women’s Discussion Group, collected 220 pounds of food for Vista del Camino prior to Easter, continued our on-line worship and Wednesday Three Good Minutes, held two wine tasting events, received new members, and celebrated the lives of loved ones in our congregation.   

Even though our in-person worship will be on hiatus during the hot summer months starting the Sunday of Memorial Day Weekend, we will meet at least once a month in Hayden Hall for fellowship/prayer/Bible study/potluck brunch on dates yet to be announced.  This way we can stay in close contact with the few who live here year round.   For those of you in your summer locations, don’t forget to tune into on-line worship and drop us a line every now and then.  We want to be connected with you, and your pastors are always available by email, text, FaceTime, and phone.  Know that when you return, council is in the process of planning even more for our next active season.  In the meantime, I pray for your travel mercies as you roam far and wide.

In Christ,

Co-Pastor Sandi