Staying in Touch with Dear Friends


I learned late last week that long-time members, Bill and Nora, are traveling back to Ohio where they will explore a move into an assisted living residence.  They do not expect to winter in Scottsdale in the future, though they plan to keep their Scottsdale home for their children to use.  As you may recall, Bill suffered a number of health setbacks recently.  CCOV UCC has been a very important part of their lives, and they continue to enjoy our on-line services immensely.  I know that they will love hearing from all of us.  I encourage you to write them a card or phone them from time to time.  Please thank them for all of their service to our church throughout the years.  Clint and I will surely miss their lovely faces greeting folks as ushers and hosting all those fellowship hours. Their contact information is available from Michelle in the church office.

Let us be in prayer for the our dear brother and sister in Christ and for each other.

Co-Pastor Sandi