Retiring Medical Debt as a Lenten Project


Lent, you know, is a fairly somber church calendar season that begins this year on February 17 (Ash Wednesday) and ends with the great feast of Easter.  It used to be that people would “give something up” or fast from something for the forty days of Lent.  For some, this might involve giving up chocolate, omitting meat, or turning off the TV, perhaps to join in some small way with Christ’s suffering.  In recent years, people have begun adding a practice instead—like performing some sort of special service to benefit the needy or giving something away.  Rather than renouncing chocolate (which is a vegetable and, as it turns out, is good for us!), why not instead participate in CCOV’s debt-relief project, which will be so very liberating for burdened people?  Imagine what this will mean for area families who learn that their medical debt has been paid off by the members of our church!  Could there be any finer way to imitate Christ than through debt paying?  Please read more about this special project in your moderator’s newsletter column this week.   


Co-Pastor Sandi