Building Bridges


In the aftermath of a turbulent election, I want to share with you a prayer from our Conference Minister, Rev. Dr. Bill Lyons.

Holy One, elections always create winners and losers. Spirit, guide us to be ministers to friends and neighbors disappointed and grieving, friends and neighbors celebrating, and into the work of building unity as we take up tasks as healers, peacemakers, and justice builders. What joy is mine as the first woman in American history steps into her role a Vice President of the United States!  Protect President-elect Biden and Vice President-elect Harris. Grant Mr. Trump the ability to put nation before self and to make a good ending for himself. Protect the nation from anyone who would seek our harm or who would use violence against others in the wake of this result. Heal us, O God. Heal our land.  Bring us  peace!

Rev. Dr. Lyons reminds us in his prayer that there are always winners and losers in elections, but we Christians are called to be ministers of healing, peace, and justice—first and foremost.  I pray that even in our diversity we can be Christian ministers to one another.  That, after all, is a hallmark of Christian maturity.  Let us always seek to be bridge builders between those who are celebrating and those who are feeling defeated.  


Co-Pastor Sandi