Creative Ways to Serve

Dear CCOV Family and Friends,

I hope your home Easter celebrations were blessed even if they were pared down this year.  Also, a hearty thanks to Patty Hersh and Carol Powell for baking and distributing Easter cupcakes to spread some much needed love and cheer to the congregation!  It warms my heart to see all the creative ways people are serving and reaching out to one another from their quarantines. 

I know the news can get overwhelming and seem so bleak at times, but if you dig around, you will find wonderful stories of people serving others and finding joy during this unprecedented time.  Consider these uplifting examples:

  • Amish communities join people from all walks of life to sew thousands of masks for hospitals and other facilities in need.
  • A Maryland mom puts bag lunches on an outside table every day for folks who need them.
  • A Santa Barbara teen and his friends develop a website for vulnerable seniors in need of grocery delivery; then, those teens deliver the groceries.
  • Jewish families and friends organize Zoom Seders to commemorate Passover.
  • A neighborhood math teacher teaches a struggling algebra student on her porch, separated by a window, using an easel and paper pad.
  • The CEO of Texas Roadhouse forgoes his salary and bonus to keep his employees afloat.

May we all continue to find joy in sharing creatively, even during this unprecedented time.  Again, please let either one of your pastors or church know if you need anything!

Grace and Peace,

Co-Pastor Sandi