Asking the Big Questions


The past two summers we met Sunday mornings in Hayden Hall over a potluck breakfast.  In 2018 congregation members offered various presentations and facilitated discussions, and in 2019 we had  worship services around the table with a brief discussion to follow.  Those intrepid enough to brave the Valley summer heat (and who didn’t flee to more temperate climes) came to enjoy these more informal and intimate fellowship experiences. This coming summer, starting on June 21, we thought we would try something still informal but a little different.  We will open with a prayer and then engage in a discussion based on questions that you all pose ahead of time.  Everyone has faith/biblical/theological questions that they always wanted to explore, so this summer will be a great time to get to those.  My aim is to explore one question per week.  I can’t promise you pat answers, but we can talk about how various scholars and traditions have answered some of those questions.  Here are some examples to get you thinking:  Why are there pain and suffering in this world?  How would Christianity and other world religions fare if we found out for certain that there is extraterrestrial life?  What happens to us when we die?  I ask you to start submitting your questions by email either to me or to the church office, and we will explore them over Sundays in the summer.  If we can’t meet safely in person and share a breakfast potluck by June 21, then we can certainly meet together by Zoom for these 10 AM Sunday discussions.  I look forward to seeing you all—in person or on Zoom!  In the meantime, please let me know if any pastoral needs come up; we can easily talk by phone, etc. 


Co-Pastor Sandi