Merry Christmas!

Dear CCOV Family,Our observance of Advent is culminating tomorrow as we celebrate Christmas!  Each week we lit a different candle—for hope, peace, joy, and love—qualities God has already implanted in our nature and are there for us to act upon when we open ourselves and say “yes” to God.
Two Sundays ago I talked about Mary’s interaction with Gabriel, the angel God sent to Mary to inform her that she found favor with God and was chosen to bear the long-expected Messiah (Luke 1:26-38).  Mary responds that she is willing to be used of God.  Effectively, she says “yes” to God. She opens herself to the divine and gives physical expression to the long-awaited hope, peace, joy, and love of the incarnation, the stunning event when God becomes enfleshed, human like us.
We all have Mary’s freedom to say “yes” to God and actualize for ourselves and one another the hope, peace, joy and love this world so desperately needs.  Let us continually remember to invite God unto our hearts and lives this Christmas and New Year.  Let us continue to bless our greater community with ministries like UMOM, Healthy Packs, Adopt a Family, as well as find new missions and ministries in the coming year. Always remember that God made us to be good and gives us the freedom to say “yes”!  Merry Christmas!Co-Pastor Sandi