Minor Prophets with Major Messages

Dear CCOV Family and Friends,

I hope all of you are enjoying your summers so far, wherever you might be.  If you are still in the Valley, don’t forget that worship continues in Hayden Hall at 10 AM.  More relaxed and informal, our summer services involve eating and fellowshipping together, singing a cappella, and a more interactive teaching/preaching style.  In the coming weeks I will be preaching out of Amos and Hosea, minor Old Testament prophets who have major things to teach us about God’s justice and righteousness.  This week we will explore Amos 7:7-17, and on Sunday, July 21, Amos 8:1-12.  You will hear that the prophetic voice is imaginative and calls us out of our comfort zones by not upholding the status quo.  In fact, the prophetic voice may even conflict with the priestly or pastoral voice at times, and you learn how to measure such voices by “God’s plumb line,” which is the Divine standard of morality.  Biblical prophets are primarily forth-tellers concerned with justice in a society, not so much of the foretellers as we might think.  You will hear how Amos’ vision informs our Christian response to the crisis at the border today.  I look forward to seeing you in church!


Pastor Sandi