Practical Advice

Dear CCOV Family,

Did you ever wonder if and when there is a right time to run an intervention in someone’s life?  Do you struggle with the nuances involved in advice or critique giving, or do you feel tempted to tell others what to do?   On Sunday, July 7 we will talk about these often-difficult issues during our 10 AM, around-the-table worship in Hayden Hall as we consider Paul’s words in Galatians 6:1-18.  From my sermon called “Practical Advice,” you will hear how Paul exhorts the Galatians to restore those who have transgressed in a spirit of gentleness, yet you will also hear how Paul calls us not to deceive ourselves.  We will talk about how we sometimes focus on the failings of others but neglect to reflect on (or be aware of) our own sin.  In short, it is not our task to persuade others to believe as we do or to control their lives.  The poet Archibald Macleish once said it best: “Religion is at its best when it makes us ask hard questions of ourselves.  It is at its worst when it deludes us into thinking we have all the answers for everybody else.”  I look forward to exploring this topic with you during the first Sunday in July! 

Stay Cool!

Pastor Sandi