Healthy Packs

This Sunday, we will launch our annual drive to support the Healthy Packs program, which serves students in the Scottsdale Unified School District. Each year Healthy Packs supplies healthy weekend snacks (and sometime, vouchers) to at-risk students who often don’t receive necessary nutrition when they are away from school over weekends and holidays. Since Healthy Packs began, teachers report a noticeable improvement in the attentiveness of these students when they return to school on Mondays.

We think of Scottsdale as an affluent community (which it is comparatively), but there is great need in the unseen communities which represent the lower income and struggling families who also live here. CCOV chose Healthy Packs as a mission because it serves the community close to home. Please give as you can when we launch this mission February 17. Our goal is to support 10 students for a year with $2000 in giving. More information can be found at…/healthy-packs/