Caring for the Immigrant

Dear CCOV Family,

How I miss seeing you all, though it is good to have a break from driving for a little!  Heartfelt thanks to Dorie for coordinating and to those who are participating and leading our Sundays in the Summer!
I know many of you are as distressed as I am regarding what is going on at the border, especially with parents and children who have been separated.  Committed Christians everywhere have been alarmed at this gross immorality and are calling on people of faith to help.  Help can be in the form of calling our legislators or donating to organizations dedicated to supporting those seeking a better life.  Caring for the immigrant after all is a biblical mandate!  I encourage you to visit to learn more about what is happening.  Please watch the UCC Webinar video you will see there called “Keep Families Together.”  You can also donate through links on the website.
I look forward to seeing you all on Sunday, July 15 and will lead an informal worship/communion service.  In the meantime, please keep me in the loop regarding any pastoral needs that come up.
Grace and Peace,
Rev. Sandi