Sundays in the Summer

Dear CCOV Family,
We are already moving into the hot summer! Many of our seasonal members have departed for their cooler summer homes, and many of our year-round members are looking forward to beating the heat on their summer vacations. Sunday, May 27th will be the last regular sanctuary worship until we resume again on Sunday, September 16th. For those who are around Sundays this summer, you are sure to be blessed by our more intimate gatherings at 10 AM in Hayden Hall. Folks recall fondly this format from last summer. Bring a snack or breakfast item to share around the table and enjoy discussion, fellowship, and programs that you may even feel the Spirit moving you to lead! If you have something to share or a discussion topic to lead, please speak with Dorie, who is coordinating Sundays in the Summer. You may also sign up to host the morning, which involves making the coffee and cleaning up afterwards. Ideas for programs include: My Faith Journey, My Experience with Grief Recovery, My Experience/Understanding of God, Coping with Change and Crisis, Dreams for CCOV, Sharing of Stories of Forgiveness and Reconciliation from our Lives, or possibly anything you may be thinking about. Feel free to bounce ideas off of me. I will be present Sundays June 10 and August 19 to lead an informal Hayden Hall worship service that will include communion.

This Sunday, May 20th, is Pentecost, the birthday of the church. For those who like to read ahead, our scriptures are Ezekiel 37:1-14 and Acts 2:1-21. As I draw upon the accounts of Ezekiel and Luke’s Pentecost account in Acts, you will hear all about how Spirit-enjoined prayer is a powerful means of “calling forth.” Indeed, the Holy Spirit, with which we are filled, makes all things possible. The Spirit makes dry bones get up, it enables understanding, restores, brings together, empowers, changes our lives and makes the unexpected happen. And then on Sunday, May 27th, we celebrate Trinity Sunday and will explore the mysteries of the Trinity, God’s model of community for us. Our scriptures May 27th will be John 3:1-17 and Romans 8:12-17. I look forward to our coming Sundays together!
Grace and Peace,
Rev. Sandi