Summer Sundays Begin!

Dear CCOV Family,
Happy summer! I hope all of you are enjoying (or getting ready to enjoy) your summer locations and vacations! For those of you who will be around, be sure to join us for Sunday mornings in Hayden Hall at 10 AM. Bring a snack or breakfast item to share and participate in meaningful discussions around the table.

I will be with you on Sunday, June 10 and will lead an informal worship service in lieu of a discussion. If you want to read ahead for June 10, the scripture passages are 1 Samuel 8:4-20; 11:14-15. You will hear all about how Israel wanted Samuel to appoint a king over them so that Israel could be like “other nations.” Interestingly, God acquiesces but has Samuel warn the people about what they are getting into with such a governmental structure. We’ve been talking a lot about God and government lately and what God’s holy purposes for government are. In fact, I hope you picked up the “Reclaiming Jesus: Confession of Faith in a Time of Crisis” statement in the narthex last Sunday. If you did not, you can access this important confession, penned by many of our best current-day theologians, right here:

Please stay in touch with me, especially regarding any pastoral needs, even though I will not be down every Sunday this summer. I can respond by phone, text, or email very quickly. Also, unless I am traveling, I can be down in the Valley in two hours.
Stay Cool,
Rev. Sandi