Dear CCOC Family,

I hope you are all enjoying your first 100 degree day down in the Valley!  It’s very springlike here in Prescott.  The fruit trees are covered in pink blossoms, and I hear quail calls from sun up to sun down.  Springtime is a reminder in the natural order that God is always at work making all things new.
Speaking of seasons,  I continue the Easter theme this Sunday of God at work resurrecting all things.  I will be preaching on Ecclessiastes 3:1-15, and the choir will be singing “Turn, Turn, Turn” based upon this well-known scriptural passage.  Come and hear about how all of us move through life’s seasons, some that are unpleasant and some that are pleasant.  I will talk about the contrast the writer of Ecclesiastes sets up between life lived “under the sun” and life lived “under heaven” and what a world of difference living life “under heaven” can mean for the believer!
Until Sunday,
Rev. Sandi