Using our Building in a Missional Way

Dear CCOV Family,
Wasn’t it great having all of that youthful energy in our sanctuary last Sunday? Boy Scout Sunday leaves me feeling so energized each year, and I’ll bet all of you feel the same way. I am grateful for the special, reciprocal relationship we just celebrated with the fine young men of Troop 649 . We give them a home, a meeting place, and they take on projects around our church. In so many ways, God has blessed us with a beautiful building and has given us the means to maintain it.

In the same vein, I want to thank all of you who are working so diligently on getting the Pre-school building ready for the Montessori School. Our preparations of getting the roof repaired and the air conditioners running well will be a great welcome to the children and staff who will once again inhabit our campus during the week. It is my prayer that we will always be able to use our beautiful church in a missional way for the benefit of our greater community. God has given us this asset for a good reason!

Finally, I want to give you a forecast of our worship services in the coming weeks. This Sunday, as I continue our Lenten Series entitled In the Upper Room: Jesus’ Final Lessons for His Disciples, I will preach on John 15:1-17 and talk specifically about abiding in God, pruning, and producing good spiritual fruit in our lives. On Sunday, March 18, don’t miss Rev. Dr. Dick Wing who will be preaching on Luke 7:36-50 in a sermon called “The Willingness to Become Uncomfortable.” Clint and I will be in Hawaii that week—Clint for a medical conference, and I will fill the time doing a lot of ocean swimming. We will be back for Palm Sunday, March 25, and I will preach on John 12:9-19 in a sermon called “The Fickle Factions.” Meanwhile, I look forward to seeing you all Friday night at 7 PM for our Evening of Extraordinary Music entitled “The Great American Songbook.”
Rev. Sandi