Making All Things New

Dear CCOV Family and Friends,
Prayers for a blessed, faith-enriching Holy Week. I look forward to seeing you all Easter Sunday when the sanctuary will be fragrant with Easter flowers and filled with the beautiful music of Katarzyna Honsberger and our own Larry Loeber! My Easter sermon’s title is “God’s Work: Resurrecting All Things,” and the scripture readings are John 20:1-18 and Revelation 21:1-6a. I encourage you to read ahead. You will hear all about how God is actively at work in nature and in our own lives, making all things new and resurrecting all things—both in the present and for all eternity.

Don’t forget that the following Sunday is Holy Humor Sunday, so please get your (clean) jokes ready to share during worship. In the same vein as Easter Sunday, I’ll endeavor to preach (humorously) on how God is actively at work even amid all the brokenness we see and experience and why we can always have hope. One such example is how the Spirit is working through this church in the repairing of air conditioners, sidewalks, roofs, and plumbing. I so appreciate all you are doing to keep the campus safe and comfortable for our congregation and for the Montessori School that we are soon to host!

I look forward to celebrating the resurrection with you!
Grace and Peace,
Rev. Sandi