Women in the Bible Preaching Series

Dear CCOV Family,
I’ve especially enjoyed sermon writing lately as I continue the series on Women in the Bible that I started on September 10. Naturally, I started with Eve, whom we tend to remember for her mistake, but I hope you will now think of her as one created foremost to be God’s image-bearer. Then last week I preached on Sarah, who experienced what it was like to live all those years in God’s silence until bearing a son at the age of 90! This coming Sunday, come to hear all about Hagar, Sarah’s slave girl, and how even as a woman, slave, and a Gentile, she was seen and valued by God. You will also learn all about Hannah, Ruth, and Rahab in the coming weeks, and your faith will grow from their stories. Of special note is that Rev. Dr. Dick Wing (who is inhabiting our sanctuary office) will deliver the Oct. 8 sermon on Ruth. Don’t miss getting acquainted with this energetic, fun-loving pastor, who recently retired from his mega church in Ohio! I’ll see ya’ll down in the Valley on Sunday and at the upcoming church and conference events listed in our announcements!
Rev. Sandi