Personal and Spiritual Transformation During Lent

Dear CCOV Family,
Can you believe that the season of Lent is already upon us? March 1 is Ash Wednesday! Ash Wednesday heralds a journey that takes Christians through Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and on to the celebration of Easter Sunday. One way you might observe Lent this year is by following a special devotional guide—options are plentiful if you check a book store or on line. I bought one on Amazon a few weeks ago called The Miracles of Jesus: Meditation and Prayers for Lent by Wessel Bentley. For each day of Lent, I have a scripture reading followed by a brief meditation, reflection, focus, and a prayer. The idea is to engage in something that will, in a disciplined way, encourage personal and spiritual transformation.

For a Lenten preaching theme this year, I am responding to a request to focus on selected miracles (or signs) of Jesus as recorded in the Gospel of John. Here is a forecast for each Sunday so that you can read ahead in your Bibles:

March 5: Water into Wine, John 2:1-12
March 12: Healing the Paralytic at Bethesda, John 5:1-15
March 19: Feeding the Five Thousand, John 6:5-14 (Rev. Len Silvester will be preaching!)
March 26: Jesus Walking on Water, John 6:16-24
April 2: The Raising of Lazarus, John 11:1-45 (Boy Scout Sunday!)
On April 9 (Palm Sunday) and April 16 (Easter), I will use traditional texts, which I will announce later.

John records seven signs, which have deep significance in this most theological of gospels. I will unpack most of these signs in the coming weeks by explaining how these complex events challenged people’s attitudes and beliefs as well as touched people through healing, multiplication, and ultimately resurrection. I look forward to a special Lenten season with all of you!
Rev. Sandi